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Clinical Research

Clinical research refers to research done in humans.
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Preclinical Research

Clinical studies range in design, from strictly controlled, randomised trials, to observational studies through to case studies and online surveys that collect evidence form real-world situations.

Integria works with a range of Australian researchers and health practitioners to independently collect clinical research data.

Randomised controlled trials (RCTs)

Widely considered the gold standard of clinical research, an RCT provides the most reliable evidence for the efficacy of an intervention. An RCT compares outcomes in two similar groups of human subjects, where each group is randomly assigned to receive the intervention (treatment), or a control intervention, often in the form of an inert placebo.

Well conducted RCTs are a powerful means of demonstrating a causal relationship between an intervention and an outcome.

Integria works with Australian public and contract research organisations to conduct RCTs on our products.

Other human trials

Integria also supports a range of other types of clinical research designed to gather real-world evidence of product effectiveness. This includes pragmatic trials, which are designed to test whether an intervention works when used in usual conditions of care. 

These trials may be conducted in collaboration with in-clinic naturopaths, integrative GPs, or through direct interaction with the consumer after they have been prescribed the product by a healthcare practitioner.

Clinical research case studies