Our Sustainability Commitment

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As part of our mission to inspire people to live better lives, naturally, we are committed to producing high quality products, whilst sourcing responsibly, reducing the impact of our operations and supporting our stakeholders to thrive.

Our Sustainability Report 2023

Integria is proud to present our inaugural Sustainability Report 2023, a defining step in our sustainability journey. The 2023 report outlines our sustainability strategy, identifying four key strategic priorities for the business. View our Sustainability Report 2023 here.

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Our Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Integria have in place three kinds of void fill which aim to ensure your orders arrive safely, while also being kind to the environment, with all three being made from recycled material.

1. Papillion for fragile packages

Papillion is useful for securely filling in voids and wrapping fragile products within the box, it has the potential to fill large volume at a low weight and is especially soft and flexible.

2. Chevron for shock absorption

Chevron is also used to deliver maximum fill with less material and has a unique paper cushion system. Its appearance is that of crinkled paper tube and offers exceptional shock absorption during transport.

3. Eco-friendly Honeycomb

Honeycomb is particularly ecofriendly, made from kraft paper which ensures it is fully recyclable; biodegradable and compostable. This replaces any need for plastic bubble wrap.

Sustainability Updates

Follow us on our sustainability journey and the milestones met along the way.

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