At Integria Healthcare, we are committed to a culture of research, innovation and quality control.

This uncompromising dedication to developing, evidence-based natural products means you can prescribe or sell healthcare products with total confidence.

Our company was built on a foundation of science and we have a long-standing history in clinical trials, spearheaded by our founding fathers in both the areas of herbal medicine and therapeutic oils.

Today, we lead the charge in natural therapy and herbal remedy research from our national research and development facility in Queensland, Australia.

Our success as one of the largest suppliers of natural healthcare solutions to Australian and New Zealand markets, and our rapid export market growth, is testament to the following:

Superior raw materials

The effectiveness of a natural remedy relates directly to the quality and strength of its raw materials. We know exactly what to look for in our active ingredients, and how to detect and minimise the presence of any unwanted residues, heavy metals, pesticides or adulterants.

Every pre-shipment of a herb or herbal extract is tested for identification, active constituents and, when required, contaminants.

We use raw materials that have grown or been sourced sustainably, whenever possible, and use only the highest quality materials for all product development.

Hands holding Globe artichoke

Quality control in manufacturing

Our manufacturing practices adhere to the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, and our GMP-accredited manufacturing facility operates to the strictest standards.

Located in Warwick, Queensland our facility is regularly audited by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to ensure Pharmaceutical GMP compliance. This quality assurance program ensures:

  • Validated equipment and processes
  • Documented processes and systems
  • Detailed records of each stage of manufacturing for every batch of product
  • Control of the manufacturing environment, air and water
  • Control of manufacturing materials, quarantine, segregation and reconciliation
  • Stability testing of goods offered for sale
  • Documentation of customer complaints.

We work closely with contract manufacturers to ensure strict quality control of all products manufactured by partner brands outside our facility.

To service our export markets, Integria Healthcare has established exclusive distribution arrangements with companies that meet strict regulatory standards and have a proven track record for manufacturing superior quality, efficacious and safe natural health solutions.

Excellence in laboratory practice

Our national research and development facility at Brisbane Technology Park complies with the Australian standards of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) under the Therapeutic Goods Act. GLP guidelines ensure:

  • Test method reliability (validation and control)
  • Instrument calibration and maintenance programs
  • Reagent and standard quality control
  • Authorised materials and product specifications
  • Quality, integrity and authenticity of data

Discover a Career in Science

Integria are committed to a culture of research, innovation and quality control and the people who are integral to them. Meet Dr Elizabeth Steels who is the Head of our Research and Development at Integria. With over 30 years experience as a clinical researcher and as a nutritional biochemist, Elizabeth plays an important role in linking biochemical actions to physiological actions and therapeutic claims.

A thought leader in her field and advocate for our younger generations to pave a career in science, see what Elizabeth has to share about her journey as a woman in STEM.