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Integria Healthcare is a proud manufacturer and distributor of herbal, nutritional and complementary healthcare products. 

Integria Healthcare

Our range of products provides customers with a natural healthcare solution ranging from retail pharmacy and health-food stores through to supermarkets.

Based in Brisbane, with offices is Sydney, Warwick, Auckland and Shanghai, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, reliable delivery and, of course, the quality of our products. 

Integria Healthcare is equally committed to educating customers about the brands and products available. We provide technical support and resources to all customers in an effort to ensure products are recommended appropriately, and used correctly, for the best possible results.


Available only to natural healthcare practitioners and retailers, MyIntegria provides you with an easy way to place orders, any hour of the day, any day of the week, from any location.

As a MyIntegria member, you can also review previous orders, track invoices and payments, add frequently ordered products to your favourites list and email us with any questions. 

You’ll receive one bill per shipment, irrespective of how much stock you order, or how many different brands. It’s that easy.

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