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16 June 2024
(Sun 2:00 am AEST)

16 June 2024
(Sun 6:00 am AEST)

Duration: 210 min

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Unveiling the Hidden Pathways: A Whole-body Approach for Female Reproductive Health

MediHerb | 16 Jun 2024

From puberty to menopause, the average reproductive lifespan for women is 36 years.

During this time it is estimated that a woman will experience over 400 ovulatory menstruations, a stark comparison to the estimated 40-160 that occurred in women during the nineteenth century. This dramatic shift has led to an increased lifetime exposure of oestrogen, as well as a greater susceptibility to reproductive disorders.

Research continues to unveil a complex network of internal systems and interactions that impact female reproductive function and dysfunction. This network synergy requires consideration of how the pieces fit together as well as disturbances in every phase of the cycle to create an informed therapeutic approach.
In this two-part live stream, clinicians will present recent research and updated understanding of key presentations that are often challenging to unravel while discussing best practice naturopathic support.  
By attending this seminar you will gain an understanding of:

• The hidden facets and the real drivers of clinical presentations that are commonly overlooked
• Evolutionary, whole-body approach to understanding endometriosis beyond hormones
• Case studies to showcase clinical presentations and understanding of key drivers, and effective wholistic management