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26 August 2023

27 August 2023

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Oncology: Supportive Integrative Therapies

Integria | 26 Aug 2023

Oncology: Supportive Integrative Therapies. 

Cancer has been referred to as the emperor of all maladies. This is a fitting phrase when we consider the nature of the disease, the prolonged treatments, and the fear of the future, all of which have a dramatic psychological impact on the patient and their loved ones. For the naturopathic practitioner, these factors can often make supporting the cancer patient potentially daunting and challenging.

Overwhelmingly the cancer burden has been linked to environmental and lifestyle factors. As naturopathic practitioners, we are uniquely positioned to provide education around these modifiable factors and support patients undergoing conventional treatment. Most importantly, we can be a source of holistic, evidence-based information at a time when patients feel confused and overwhelmed. 

Join us on 26 and 27 August in Brisbane or via live stream where an esteemed panel of holistic practitioners, researchers and experts in the field of supportive oncology care will discuss:

  • The many stages and hallmarks of cancer
  • Holistic and systematic approaches to support patients through their cancer journey
  • Lifestyle drivers and potential modifications for improved therapeutic outcomes
  • Trauma informed practice and care

Join us on 26 and 27 August in Brisbane or via live stream to learn from our esteemed panel of speakers.

Early-bird prices finish on 30 June 2023.