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17 March 2024
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17 March 2024
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Gut Barrier Dysfunction and Beyond: New Insights and Mechanistic Implications

Integria | 17 Mar 2024

Hippocrates has been quoted to say ‘all disease begins in the gut’ over 2000 years ago.1 Each year science further confirms this concept with the development of new insights into the digestive system; it’s pathophysiology, management, and relationship to systemic dysfunction.

In contemporary times, we are dealing with an ageing population, increased susceptibility to viral insult, mental health issues, and the chronic effects of an environment not conducive to health.

As a first line of defence, the gut barrier is a crucial regulator between the inner physiology and outer environment, via its unique ability to determine permeability. However, under compromised conditions, this permeability becomes vulnerable to dysfunction, impacting far more than just the digestive system. It can lead to systemic disruption and contribute to many chronic conditions such as mental health and metabolic disorders, and autoimmunity. 

In this two-part live stream, we will review the recent evidence surrounding gut barrier dysfunction, it’s mechanism of action and systemic implications while also reviewing appropriate and evidence based wholistic treatments.

  1. Lyon L. ‘All disease begins in the gut’: was Hippocrates right? Brain. 2018;141(3):e20.  doi: 10.1093/brain/awy017.

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