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Environmental Toxicity & Detoxification

Leading Australian and International industry experts in Environmental Toxicity and Detoxification, discuss their perspectives on how toxins adversely affect multiple body systems. Blending science with their clinical insights and how to effectively minimise exposure to toxins whilst maximising the body’s own detoxification capabilities.

Session 1 - Toxins: Primary Drivers of Chronic Disease, presented by Dr Jospeh Pizzorno

Session 2 - Chronic Diseases from our Environmental Burden, presented by Dr Walter J Crinnion

Session 3 - Toxicity Effects on Fertility & Reproductive Health, presented by Leah Hechtman

Session 4 - Detoxification in our Children, presented by Tabitha McIntosh 

Session 5 - The Conundrum of Detoxification in Breastfeeding, presented by Leah Hechtman

Session 6 - Effective Methods to Identify and Reduce our Toxic Load, presented by Dr Walter J Crinnion

Session 7 - Environmental Toxins & Neurodegenerdation, presented by Dr Jospeh Pizzorno 

Session 8 - The Great Detox Scam: Should we be worried? Presented by Professor Kerry Bone

Materials include:

  • Audio recordings
  • Video recordings
  • Notes for all sessions 
  • Certificate of attendance