A Career in Natural Medicine

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We answer the question ‘What career paths are there for practitioners and students of Natural Healthcare alongside of practice?’

At Integria we are proud to have built all facets of our business with people from a Natural Medicine background. Learn about the business of Natural Healthcare with the team at Integria, proud owners of MediHerb, Eagle Clinical, Eagle, Thompson’s, Thursday Plantation and Eureka.

Join our leading Natural Medicine industry professionals, Dr Elizabeth Steels, Claire Sullivan and Victor Tuballa in this video series, as they share their personal journey in the industry. Be ignited as they are joined by other established professionals from our business to discuss their Natural Medicine career progression stories. An inspiring discussion that will leave you motivated by the multitude of career pathways possible for you.

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A panel of natural healthcare professionals from Integria

Meet Our Presenters

Learn about the business of Natural Healthcare with the team at Integria, proud owners of MediHerb, Eagle Clinical, Eagle, Thompson’s, Thursday Plantation and Eureka.

Q&A - Your Questions Answered

Below we answer your career path questions. For available roles at Integria, please keep in touch via our careers page.

1. Do you need clinical practice experience before you work in a corporate practitioner team?

Not necessarily, though having clinical experience will certainly give you an advantage especially if you’re in a sales and/or an educational role when interacting with fellow practitioners. However, as long as you’re solid with your foundational knowledge of areas such as Nutrition and Herbal Medicine and that you’ve kept up to date with the latest literature in these areas through relevant professional journals and attendance of professional education events, you will have sufficient grounding.

2. Do Integria employ Nutritionists or Dietitians as part of their support team or is it purely Naturopaths?

We have various healthcare professionals working within our support teams ranging from Naturopaths through to Nutritionists and Dietitians, as well as Pharmacists.

3. Are there any opportunities at Integria outside of Qld?

Integria has operations based in Brisbane, Warwick manufacturing facility (Qld), Sydney, Perth, New Zealand and Singapore. In addition to this, sales team members are based in various locations around the country. Please keep in touch via our careers page.

4. Does Integria take on naturopathy students for internships or work experience and where is the best place to seek advertised positions?

Integria take on Naturopaths and other natural healthcare practitioners for various roles as employees throughout the business. We don’t currently take on work experience but we support Naturopaths with products for their research when they enroll in higher education. You can view our available roles at our careers page.

5. I am a qualified overseas Pharmacist, I’ve also received a PhD of herbal medicine and complementary medicine. I am interested in working in the herbal medicine area, I would like to know what should I do and where should I start?

It sounds like you have a great range of complementary skills and interests. We suggest keeping in touch by completing the Expression of Interest option on our careers page.

6. Are you mostly working on your own when in a retail role in the natural medicine corporate world or do you work within a team?

It may depend on the role. As an example, Victor is our Territory Development and Education Manager and works alongside a team of reliable sales professionals. Sales professionals in the natural medicine retail space need to be passionate about natural healthcare however they don't have to be qualified naturopaths like Victor. Victor's qualifications and expertise in this field allow him to offer educational training and support to non-qualified team members so that they can gain both general understanding and confidence of the products that they’re promoting to their retail accounts.

7. Do you find having a naturopathic background beneficial working in a retail environment?

It sure does. Not only do you receive constant enquiries about products from retailers, but at times you get asked for recommendations for certain conditions along with specific technical information such as, “How does this herb work?”, or, “Will it affect the medication that I’m taking?”, or “Can my 8 year old child or my 78 year old grandparent take this product?”. Your background knowledge will help you to field such enquiries on the go.

8. I would like to work with retail brands, what sort of personality and characteristics does it take to work within this area?

Confidence and compassion. Confidence encompasses the notion that you know your products inside and out, from the individual components such as nutrients and herbs, through to the actions and indications of those individual components and the formulation in general. If retail customers can see that you can confidently describe the product that you’re promoting and that you can reliably answer queries or questions relating to such products, the more comfortable they will feel in either purchasing the products as well as recommending the products to others.

9. What sort of traits are important to work in the area of Product Innovation?

A love of natural medicine, a strong passion for learning and discovery, and attention to detail are all important factors in being happy and successful in Innovation and Product Development. Our work is strongly based in both traditional use and scientific validation of the use of natural medicine ingredients. You also need to be passionate about understanding the “how and why” of human physiology in both health and disease. On top of this, skills in project management and attention to detail come into play to move projects through the design and development stages.