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Toxic Exposures and Thyroid Disruption

There are approximately 60,000 new cases of thyroid disease diagnosed in Australia each year. Many of these will be caused by autoimmunity, and most will affect women.

Over the last few decades endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and heavy metals have emerged as major contributing factors in the pathogenesis of many thyroid diseases. Even some of the ‘safer’ alternatives such as BPS and BPF, to replace BPA, are not so safe after all.

A comprehensive understanding of the thyroid gland and factors contributing to thyroid disorders is essential if we are to improve the overall health of our ‘thyroid patients’.

In this webinar Berris will present up-to-date research on the thyroid effects of environmental toxins, including effects in pregnancy and neonatal health. She will discuss how we can support the body’s numerous inherent mechanisms for detoxification and protection against oxidative damage. 

The presentation will review:

  • The thyroid gland, thyroid hormone synthesis and conversion
  • Thyroid testing
  • The need to look beyond the thyroid
  • Major thyroid disrupting chemicals and how the most common exposures occur
  • The effects of diet on thyroid function
  • Herbal and nutritional strategies to improve detoxification pathways

Materials available include:

  • Video Recordings
  • Audio Recordings
  • Digital Notes and Resources
  • CPE Certificate of Attendance (1.5 Contact Hours)