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Stress and its Impact on Brain Architecture

Not all stress is bad, however, never before has chronic unresolved stress had such a damaging effect on our lives and our health, particularly the health and function of the brain. 1 in 3 Australian adult’s report feeling significantly stressed in their daily lives. This seminar offers a comprehensive examination into advances in the health impacts of stress, with of focus on disturbances to the brain itself. Expert clinical approaches will be shared, to provide you with a guide to effectively manage patients where stress is taking a toll, and progressive approaches to their clinical management.

  • Session 1: The Stressed Brain - Presented by Angela Hywood

    Moving beyond outdated concepts of stress into modern understandings of allostatic overload, with a focus on the central role of the brain and stress-induced changes in brain architecture.
  • Session 2: Relieving Anxiety and Boosting Healthy Sleep: A Focus on Herbs - Presented by Kerry Bone

    New insights into the complexities of the role of sleep in our health, with emphasis on the nervous system, and the melding of the latest clinical evidence with the traditional use of key herbs to restore sleep. 
  • Session 3: Application of Herbs for Mood Disorders in Clinical Practice - Presented by David Casteleijn

    Wholistic clinical approaches in the management of mood disorders. Including whole practice observation, herbal research and case-based evidence.

Materials available include:

  • Video Recordings
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  • Digital Notes and Resources
  • CPE Certificate of Attendance (5 Contact Hours)