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Respiratory Viral Infections

Our three part seminar, brings together three leading practitioners to share their clinical strategies to protect against and manage viral infections. The two key systems primarily affected, the respiratory and immune systems, will be a primary focus of the presentations. Professor Kerry Bone, Dr Elizabeth Steels and Berris Burgoyne will each share key understandings and their approaches to help support patients at risk for viral infections.

  • Session 1: Nourishing Support for Healthy Respiratory and Immune Function - Nutritional Approaches for Viral Protection Presented by Dr Elizabeth Steels - In this session Dr Steels will explore a range of evidence-based nutritional therapies to target key aspects of immune function. A variety of nutrients that provide essential support to the health of the lungs and respiratory system will also be discussed. Diet-based strategies will also be reviewed.
  • Session 2: Building Resilience for Respiratory and Immune Health - Herbal Strategies for Viral Defence Presented by Professor Kerry Bone - Kerry will share a requisite overview of the immune response to viral infection, as well as a detailed exploration of the ‘cytokine storm’. He will discuss appropriate herbal prescriptions to help prevent and manage viral infections, and the evidence to support these treatments.
  • Session 3: Risk Reduction of the Health-Compromised - Clinical Management of the Susceptible Patient Presented by Berris Burgoyne - Berris’s presentation will explore the main patient groups who are at increased risk of not only viral infections, but also the more severe complications arising from these infections. She will discuss why these adverse health effects arise, as well as detailing clinical approaches to help support the health of these patients.

Materials available include:

  • Video Recordings
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  • Digital Notes and Resources
  • CPE Certificate of Attendance (3.5 Contact Hours)