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Immune Dysregulation - Children to Adults

Considering our current lifestyle and inherited tendencies, we can only marvel at the adaptive and resilient nature of our highly sophisticated immune system. Unfortunately the balance often tips, resulting in immune dysregulation and clinical manifestation, particularly in atopy.

Atopy is the most common chronic disease of childhood and a prevalent carry-over allergic disease group in adults. It is a frequent presentation in clinic, often difficult to treat due to its multifarious nature, and requires constant reassessment in relation to: advances in the understanding of immunity and wider bodily responses; integration of science and tradition in natural treatments; choosing the best targets; ongoing prevention.  

This seminar provides you with comprehensive and expert knowledge, including case studies, from leading clinicians to provide clinically relevant approaches.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Integration of wholistic and scientific knowledge in short term and long term prevention; management of atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis and asthma 
  • Immune drivers including the relationship of the microbiome and barrier function; immune danger and toxins 
  • The link with autoimmunity and inflammatory responses, including the possible role of high-mobility group box 1 (HMGB1)
  • Medicinal mushrooms and their role in immune function, including dectin immunoreceptors and current MediHerb® research in this area
  • Working with children, including fever management 
  • Practical guidelines and examples for using key herbs, nutrients, and behaviour changes

Materials available include:

  • Video Recordings
  • Audio Recordings
  • Digital Notes and Resources
  • CPE Certificate of Attendance (4 Contact Hours)