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Complex Disease and Immune Allostasis

Within our Naturopathic treatment framework, understanding dynamic immunity and importantly the “right herbal fit” can open up professional possibilities. It can also reduce unnecessary limitations, particularly when mastering approaches to chronic disease.

Given our current environmental and life pressures, it is little wonder noncommunicable forms of chronic disease (NCD) has shown a tremendous growth spurt globally in multi-morbidity and complex sequelae.

Further, the immune system is increasingly stretched beyond allostatic endurance, leading to patients with more complicated diseases challenging us in practice. Naturopathy and herbal medicine is however well suited to dealing with what is clearly a whole-system assault.

This webinar provides a synthesis of clinically relevant information to help build on your existing understanding of immunity, refine herbal prescribing, and expand your scope when treating NCD.      

In this webinar Rose will share:

  • Functional understanding and exploration of the homeostatic immune hyperactivity and suppression paradox, immune allostasis, and co-existing sensory roles of immunity
  • Integrating traditional and evidence based herbal prescribing with current biological targets in chronic immune conditions
  • Identifying immune herb variation and exploring their relevance beyond immune effects; including the cross-over role of Tinospora cordifolia
  • Practical strategies and differentials of immune herbs for use in practice
  • Clinical applications using real-life case examples

Materials available include:

  • Video Recordings
  • Audio Recordings
  • Digital Notes and Resources
  • CPE Certificate of Attendance (1.5 Contact Hours)