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Clinic Detective - The Many Facets of Cardiovascular Disease

This seminar will provide a unique holistic overview of the various factors that initiate, promote, and drive cardiovascular disease development and condition severity, as well as examining the latest understandings on the importance of the key lifestyle factors and the genetic factors that can underlie CVD. Based on this model, lifestyle, herbal and nutritional strategies to best support your patients to prevent the first or subsequent life threatening cardiovascular events will be presented.

  • Gain confidence in diagnosing cardiovascular disease.
  • Learn about the critical hidden risk factors for CVD.
  • Discover the most promising therapeutic options for cardiovascular health so you can provide optimal personalised nutritional and herbal supplementation to support each patient.
  • Advance your clinical expertise with up-to-date clinical research on genetic and nutritional influences to support management of the different forms of cardiovascular disease.

Materials available include:

  • Video Recordings
  • Audio Recordings
  • Digital Notes and Resources
  • CPE Certificate of Attendance (3 Contact Hours)